Uranik Begu

Executive Director, Innovation Centre Kosovo



Uranik Begu is the Executive Director for Innovation Centre Kosovo and is also the Director of Startup Grind Pristina Google for Entrepreneurs He is currently highly engaged with other partners and stakeholders on enriching the Kosovo entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting Innovation.

His experience includes:

– Running the Innovation Centre Kosovo as an Executive Director;

– Organizing the Global Entrepreneurship Week in partnership with Kauffman Foundation (www.gew.co);

– Ambassador to Hello Tomorrow Challenge in Paris (www.hello-tomorrow.org/ambassadors);

– Chapter Director and mentor at Startup Pristina powered by Google for Entrepreneurs (www.startupgrind.com/pristina);

– Being a World Bank consultant;

– Being a Lead delegate of the Kosovo to Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Moscow 2014, Milan 2015 and Medellin 2016 (www.gec.co);

– Being a fellow of the 2016 Young Transatlantic Innovation Leadership Initiative (Y-TILI) from the US State Department (www.meridian.org/project/ytili);

– Being an Expert to the SEECEL project for Entrepreneurship (www.seecel.hr);

– Participating in several Strategy Development initiatives, initiated by the OECD,  the Prime-ministers Office of Kosovo, the Ministry of Economic Development & STIKK;

– Being a speaker, mentor and panelist of many local and international events, conferences, workshops such as Startup Weekend Pristina, Mobile App Camp Skopje, KOSICT Conference Prishtina, CMO Conference Zurich, Digital Pristina, Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2016 Medelllin etc;

– Lecturing Entrepreneurship and Marketing;

– Mentoring at CEED Kosovo (www.ceed-kosovo.org);

– Judging numerous startup competitions, including Startup Open;

– Being a Kauffman FastTrac Facilitator, planning the entrepreneurial venture;

– Consulting for the Voucher Counselling Scheme- KOSME (www.mti-ks.org/en-us/Voucher-Counselling-Scheme);

– Being a Member of Economic Development Committee at Municipality of Pristina, Kosovo;

– Being a Board Member at Jakova Innovation Centre.

Last but not least:

– Investing and co-owning several startups.