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David Thomas is well known in the Asia Pacific region for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships in China, particularly amongst entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs. David’s unique value lies in his ability to not only identify business trends, opportunities and challenges in China, but also his “hands on” experience from having worked on the ground for the past 12 years.

He is therefore able to illustrate and enhance his presentations by including practical examples, case studies and anecdotes from his own personal experiences and stories. Having worked with SMEs from many industry sectors (e.g. retail, professional and financial services, manufacturing, food, tourism, education, publishing, real estate, design and technology) David’s experience and expertise is broad and deep. His Asian experience, knowledge and powerful networks have accumulated over a 30 year career in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Working with long term Chinese partners to manage and operate joint ventures in first and second tier cities, David continues to expand and develop his knowledge, connections and understanding of the unique challenges of doing business in China. David offers the following advice and support to UK based entrepreneurs, SMEs and business leaders:

  • Advice with market entry to China following his “Eight Critical Steps”
  • In-market support, advice and access to trusted local connections in China
  • Mentoring support and advice to senior management teams, Boards and other stakeholders via boardroom presentations, workshops and keynote presentations.