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Located in the centre of Germany and therefore in the heart of Europe, Saxony-Anhalt is highly valued by foreign investors. Saxony-Anhalt is a young state with a long industrial tradition. Thanks to technical innovations and its location at the heart of Europe, this region became a centre of industrial development in the early 20th century. Today, Saxony-Anhalt's innovative potential is one of the state's key strengths, a strength founded on an excellent research environment and close cooperation between research and business. 

Apart from industrial benefits, Saxony-Anhalt is known for its four UNESCO World Heritage sites in close proximity e.g., the medieval town of Quedlinburg, the Luther memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg, the Bauhaus, School of Design in Dessau, and the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz

Due to its location in the EU, Saxony-Anhalt has easy access to the vast European single market with a population of over 500 million. About 25 percent of the EU population lives within 300 miles (500 km). In addition to that, it offers a unique interlocking of road, waterway, railway and airport infrastructure. The state’s 2,900 logistics companies book a turnover of approx. 2.8 billion euros per year – and the trend is still increasing.

Not without reason, a study by Ernst&Young from 2015 rated Saxony-Anhalt as leading the Eastern German federal states in foreign direct investments. Here, international investors find an attractive investment environment: 

Incentives for investors – your advantages in Saxony-Anhalt

/// Dynamic Area: Saxony-Anhalt receives the most FDI in Eastern Germany

/// Infrastructure: state-of-the-art transport and logistics infrastructure

/// Market Access: close proximity to the growing European markets

/// Competence: high quality of education, motivated and loyal workforce

/// Flexibility: fast and easy approval procedures

/// Investment Security: stable political and legal system

/// Investment Incentives: one of the highest funding rates in Germany

/// Development: innovative and highly economy-oriented research environment

Traditional sectors such as the chemicals industry, mechanical engineering as well as food and agriculture are heavy weights in Saxony-Anhalt, characterized by a leading-edge level of know-how, innovation and technology. These markets play a key role in the economic upswing in the state and include for example the linking of energy, mechanical and plant engineering and resource efficiency as well as chemistry and bioeconomy, or logistics and mobility, just as health and medicine. 

Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG), the state’s economic development agency, offers a full range of services for all foreign companies who would like to invest in Saxony-Anhalt - from the project idea to business implementation. For the second time in a row, IMG has received the “Top Investment Promotion Agency Award“ 2016 as best regional economic development agency in Western Europe. 

IMG Saxony-Anhalt offers consultancy in:

/// site selection

/// subsidy and financing issues

/// permitting assistance

/// full line project management

/// dealing with authorities

/// personnel management

/// screening investment opportunities