Digital Marketing Specialist Trainer, Google Digital Garage



Patrick Cutliffe is passionate about helping musicians, businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone who can use a bit of help. His friends would tell you his personality and sense of humour are his best traits but Patrick knows it’s his good looks and charm.

He has helped tens of thousands of musicians worldwide with their digital presence and shared A&R panels with industry veterans like Nigel Grainge (Sinead O’Connor) and Mike Joyce of The Smiths.

Patrick has shared keynote stages with Mark Wright (The Apprentice) and Jordan Daykin (Dragon’s Den) and sound edited major Hollywood films with Tom Johnson (Terminator and Titanic).

Patrick has more qualifications than The Open University but believes that actions speak louder than knowledge alone and therefore he built multiple startup companies. One being the first social network built in the UK. He learned more from this process than from his entire adult learning life.

Patrick’s new venture, BuzzStart aims to educate 1,000,000 musicians in Digital Marketing and Online Promotions by the year 2025.

He has expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Website Design, Analytics, Music Industry and Business, Event Management and online advertising platforms.

His specialisms are simplifying the complex, transferring knowledge and public speaking and training.

Patrick is particularly proud that he is a Digital Marketing specialist trainer for Google’s Digital Garage and Upskills Digital where he gets to train and educate thousands of amazing people.

In his spare time he buddies up with young people with learning disabilities, boxes amateur, fights anxiety (and wins) and delivers keynote speeches.