Expanding to Latin America? That sounds …. GREAT and challenging!

Relocating and outsourcing may sound troublesome and a difficult task to tackle, especially as much of it requires managing unknowns. Expanding to Latin America? That sounds even tougher.

Actually, that shouldn’t be that complicated. Though Latin America may seem remote, there are several reasons that make this location attractive. First, let’s overview what key factors we need to consider. Then, we will outline how LATAM and Uruguay meet these requirements.

It is common knowledge that whenever different locations are being assessed, there are relevant factors to consider. One of them is labour. Does this market offer the quantity and quality my company needs in order to operate effectively? Does this compensate the cost?

In addition, companies should take into account the country’s stability and reliability. This is a crucial issue when thinking about Latin-American countries. The ideal scenario would be a country devoid of uncertainties in its policies and economy. Does the country’s government have long term policies?

Moreover, telecom infrastructure and connectivity should be important for all sorts of enterprises. They should provide a fertile and dynamic ecosystem in order to let your business flourish.

Given these factors, we would like to focus on Uruguay as an ideal location and as Latin America’s best business gateway.

For over ten years, Uruguay has been a strategic location for global organizations doing business across the LATAM market. In recent years more and more HQs, SSCs, IT and Regional Distribution Centres have been established in Montevideo after companies have realized how they can capitalize on the exciting benefits that it offers.

Though Uruguay sounds distant, its culture is not. Most of the Uruguayan society is composed by European immigrants; it is a real melting pot. So cultural affinity is assured. Great Britain has been inextricably intertwined with Uruguay. Not only receiving immigrants but also, British companies have left Uruguay an enduring legacy. For instance, the Uruguayan railways and public services such as running water, telephone, gas and trams were first established by British companies. Uruguay bears a close resemblance to Great Britain, possibly the closest in LATAM.

This has not changed. Today companies such as AIVA, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) and LOGICALIS (among others) are settled in Uruguay. These and other companies find themselves enjoying of Uruguay’s reliability, talent, nearshore, a tax compliant government and a tranquil lifestyle. These are the five main pillars of Uruguay’s value proposition. 

Rankings show Uruguay’s advantages as Uruguay has been consistently leading Latin America and the Caribbean rankings relevant to investors:

Uruguay Smart Services will be exhibiting at the Global Expansion Summit in 2017.