3 Steps to a Stress-Free Business Relocation

Getting Ready for Relocation

  • Taking on a new role in a different country is exciting – and challenging. There is much to consider, from an organisation and assignee perspective. The good news is that global relocation can happen smoothly and efficiently.
  • Everyone has the same goal: to help assignees and their families to settle into their new country and position as quickly as possible. To achieve this aim, there are key steps involved for those involved.


3 Steps to Stress-Free Relocations:


Organisations should develop a relocation policy that everyone involved is aware of and refers to. Assignees should be able to visit their envisaged location ahead of the move – ‘fear of the unknown’ causes anxiety. Early and regular communication ensures that everyone is aware of and understands the process and timing involved.


When organising international relocations, choosing the right partner to manage and implement the physical move is crucial. Removing and transporting assignees’ possession must be done carefully and professionally. It’s an emotive part of the process. So what should HR teams look out for when choosing a relocation and removal partner? BTR International suggests that four attributes are important:

  • Accreditations - the FAIMplus standard is recognised as the most prestigious within the international moving industry. It requires ongoing compliance with a rigorous and testing external audit process. FAIMplus is the highest standard awarded by FIDI (Federation of International Movers), a global alliance of quality assured removal companies of which BTR International is a proud member.
  • Independence - a direct team offers consistency, specialist experience and accountability. Plus - a truly independent partner will offer you unbiased, bespoke advice.
  • Proven Track Record – ask for references, client feedback and satisfaction surveys.
  • Liability Cover - check that your global move partner can offer you the level of cover that you require. (It shouldn’t be needed, but it should be in place.)


Research shows that the top five concerns of assignees are:

  • I can’t speak the language
  • What about my partner/family?
  • I don’t know anyone there
  • How will my possession reach my new home?
  • When will I see my family and friends?

An effective relocation policy will ensure that the emotive and well as the practical details are taken care of.

At BTR International, we work closely with assignees and their families to minimise the stress involved.

For example, we have recently helped a VIP assignee to relocate across continents. His family have never visited their new country before. They are leaving behind their support network to arrive somewhere with a completely different education system, housing market, currency… and no friends or family. Partner/Family assistance after the physical move itself can make or break an assignment.

Whether you manage international relocations for your organisation or are an assignee with a new role overseas, BTR International is here to help.

To discuss our relocation services request a meeting with BTR International at the GXP Summit, in London this June.