What can businesses do to protect their clients when expanding abroad? 

By Helen Sutton of DocuSign

It is essential to take every possible data security precaution in order to ensure that client trust is maintained whilst expanding abroad. Take client data protection and security very seriously – don’t cut corners. Be transparent and adopt the latest, most robust cyber security measures that give clients no reason to question your ability to protect their data and security during your expansion abroad.

Data protection is constantly evolving within Europe. People are starting to talk more frequently about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was put in place by the European Union (EU) to better-protect the data of EU citizens. This regulation not only impacts those in the EU, but also applies to organisations that might be based outside the region, but still engage with EU citizens. GDPR means it is essential for businesses to take all the necessary steps to protect client data when expanding in Europe – failure to do so could result in a significant fine.

Ensuring that companies invest in digital tools that meet the highest level of certification and audits will be an important step in keeping client data safe.

Helen Sutton will be speaking about Global Expansion Strategies at the Global Expansion Summit in 2017.