How is digital innovation changing the way companies do business in Europe?

By Helen Sutton of DocuSign

Europe is such a diverse region, and yet we see a very common focus on embracing digital transformation. These innovations are enabling businesses and employees to work wherever they are, and engage with decision-makers regardless of location. The need to physically be in an office or a meeting no longer exists – business can be conducted whether we’re on our phones, tablets or laptops.

European organisations are also benefitting from how efficient their operations have become. It’s important in every facet of business, from personnel management to closing big deals. For example, onboarding a new employee can be done in under an hour, where previously it may have taken weeks.

Companies are sharing, editing and signing critical documents within minutes. We live in a world that relies on efficiency, and digital tools have empowered us all to be more productive, resourceful and mindful with client and employee data.

They have completely changed how we work in our own countries, which has allowed us to engage and grow into new areas in other parts of the world.

Helen Sutton will be speaking about Global Expansion Strategies at the Global Expansion Summit in 2017.