Four top tips for founding a company


Importance of determination

When we first raised our seed round, we pitched 125 investors and got 115 no’s. We didn’t give up, and worked on gaining traction to prove that Shippo was a service that our customers needed. We believe that determination is one of the most important characteristics for founders to have.

Being flexible and always be learning

Startups move fast and changes happen quickly. This could come in the form of company size, organizational restructuring, and in what is expected from founders. The ability to learn fast and keep up with changes is essential. We found that having mentors, supportive board members, other founder friends, and getting coaching have helped us significantly along the way.

Founding a company is hard, get the right support

No one tells you how hard it is be a founder. From the outside, everything looks like an overnight success and everyone is always crushing it. But it’s not true. Success is a rollercoaster, and it doesn’t end. We found that having people to talk to and relate to has shown us that this is normal and alright.

Put customers first

When the customers are top of mind, decisions are guided by their needs above all else. At Shippo we put our customers first in everything we do. We believe Shippo will succeed if we deliver value to our customers.