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Fiona Murchie

Managing Editor, Relocate Global



Fiona Murchie is Relocate Global’s publisher and managing editor. She has over 25 years’ experience in management and HR publishing and global mobility. 

From this unique perspective, she combines understanding of the HR and global mobility market with knowledge of business drivers and an appreciation of management thinking and the wider influences on company and regional growth brought about by changing global markets, demographics, economics and geo-political factors.

Fiona is passionate about making connections, building networks, creating opportunities for business, and enabling the successful relocation of employees and their families, to ensure that companies flourish in a globally mobile world.

Building on her knowledge of relocation, Fiona launched Relocate magazine in 2004, to promote creativity and best practice in mobility, explore new topics, and stimulate debate on relocation-related subjects. It has become the leading multimedia publication for HR, global mobility and relocation professionals, with a growing international reputation for thought leadership, innovation and people support. 

In her role as publisher and managing editor, Fiona is taking the concept forward to reach wider global audiences via the Relocate website and digital media.

She was the driving force behind the Relocate Awards, the first awards scheme in the UK to honour achievement across the relocation spectrum, launched in 2007 and now an annual international event. 

The awards recognise success, creativity and innovation across the relocation and global mobility sector, acknowledging the contribution of individuals, teams and organisations. Over the past decade, they have grown in stature, attracting entries from around the world and companies from an ever-widening range of sectors. Winners range from blue-chip companies to start-ups.


Relocation and publishing background

Fiona Murchie founded relocation company Profile Locations in 1989 to serve the oil industry in Aberdeen. Building on her background in publishing, she pioneered location guides for the relocation sector during the 1990s.

Over the years, Fiona developed a comprehensive range of solutions to support career relocations and group moves, including people support services and products to help motivate employees and their families to relocate. Among these were home and school search, specialist cross-cultural support, outplacement consultancy, career counselling for partners, and online versions of the area guides.

Before she founded Profile Locations, Fiona worked in general and business and management publishing. She was Publishing Manager for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK.