Embassy of the Republic of Cuba



The Economic Office of the Embassy of Cuba in London is responsible for promoting the trade between UK and Cuba as well as the investments of British companies in Cuba in the priority sectors.   Business opportunities in Cuba are promoted through the Portfolio of Opportunities, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment and published on a yearly basis. It offers general information on every sector or activity and provides investor with the key elements of  the projects  prioritized in the country.


The advantages of investing in Cuba  are:

  1. Highly qualified workforce.

  2. Political, social and legal stability.

  3. Safe environment for foreign personnel.

  4. Development and Government encouragement for research and technological innovation and its applications.

  5. The State guarantees for the foreign investor free transfer abroad, in freely convertible currency, without payment of tax or any other levy related to such  transfer:

    • The net profits or dividends resulting from the exploitation of the investment;

    • and the amounts to be paid in the cases of liquidation, sale or transfer of all or part of their participation.

  1. A Special Taxation Regime has been established in the regulatory framework to benefit foreign investment.


Main sectors for foreign investment projects

Foreign investments may be authorized in all sectors except for health, education and the armed forces. The sectors that have been prioritized are agriculture and forestry, the pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields, the food, sugar, light, chemical, electronic, iron, steel, and machine industries, as well as tourism, transportation, construction, energy and mines, wholesale trade and audiovisual.