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Why use a Relocation Company?

For a company, relocating an employee is an expensive business. The key for any company is to ensure that the employee and their family are supported throughout the process. This not only ensures a smooth transition to their new country and job, but will ultimately attribute to their long term retention.

Here at BTR International, we pride ourselves on our professional yet friendly service, assisting with all practical aspects of moving and relocation.  What may seem straight-forward to us, is sometimes viewed as complicated and stressful for a person who is already under pressure with moving job and country.

A friendly point of contact and peace of mind that they have someone to talk to and assist in their decision making is a huge support to a person and takes a lot of strain off their shoulders. Our beginning to end service offers all that is needed to help the entire family cope with their move and settle happily.

Services we offer include:

  • Rental Property Search and Tenancy Management

  • Purchase Property Search

  • School Search and advice/application support

  • Area Orientation

  • Departure services

  • Settling In Services

  • Furniture Removals and rentals

  • Immigration and Visa Assistance

  • Cultural Training and Partner Support

  • Business Services, including personal tax

With Relocation support only attributing 1% of the total Assignment cost, it is a small price to pay!