Testimonials from established thought-leaders

Attendees from our previous events including Deloitte, the South African government and Uber share views

Established thought-leaders from both the corporate and government worlds attended our previous events innovaBRICS & beyond (the predecessor to Brexit & Global Expansion Summit). Here’s the feedback they gave about our last event.

"We had insightful speakers particularly around the topic of innovation; how technology is proving a powerul influence to faciliating new debates and how some of the larger organisations are trying to interface and change their culture and their teams to support these new ideas." Iain Macmillan, Partner, Head of UK M&A and New Growth, Deloitte.

"We take this event very seriously because we have to showcase what South Africa is, in this space. We needed to look at our own resources to make sure we invest in research and development." Faith Muthambi, Communications Minister, South African Government.

“The conference is open to the public, it’s vibrant and it attracts the top talent in London.” Xavier Delpierre, Advisory and equity origination, Axiom Capital.

“It’s an opportunity to meet business people, who are interested, not just about South Africa but about the continent of Africa to look at some of the challenges we face but more than anything the opportunities that are there. And there are plenty.” Dr Danisa Baloyi, UK South Africa Bi-National.

“From my point of view you learn a lot about where things are headed and you can take away key points in terms of investment opportunities, growth and how your company can become more relevant in the eyes of particular markets.” Jambu Palaniappan, Regional General Manager - Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Uber.

“The dynamics between smaller corporates, larger corporates and government organisations is one that's got to figure out how to work together for businesses to continue to invest and grow in developing economies.” Jambu Palaniappan, Regional General Manager - Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Uber.

“It's an excellent opportunity to understand the future strategies of the world economy.” Spyridon Kogas, CEO, Knowledge Industry Group.

"The key take aways from the morning sessions are that economies are changing, there is going to be turbluence in future, but the fundamentals of the macro-economics of most countries is stable." Kevin Chika Urama, Quantum Global.

“It's been fantastic to see a collection of world leaders especially interested in emerging markets.” Ravi Sivasubramian, Director, Trade & Working Capital - Strategy Execution, Markets & Syndications, Barclays.

“I found the event enormously interesting in the realms of getting information, which is obviously important for business people, especially when it comes to investment.” Terence Eben, Eben Copping African Capital.

“What I enjoyed most about the sessions was the variety of speakers and the summaries of all the analysis that were offered to the public.” Xavier Delpierre, Advisory and equity origination, Axiom Capital.

Watch all the feedback in our video from innovaBRICS 2014 here.