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  • Invest ESSEX on UK Finance Corridor

    Invest Essex discusses the London - Essex UK Finance Corridor

    Extending eastwards from the City of London along key transport routes, the London-Essex UK Finance Corridor is an intrinsic extension of London’s world-leading Financial and Professional Services cluster.

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  • ICC reports on the role of IP in innovation

    ICC reports on the role of IP in innovation

    What role does intellectual property play in innovation and technology diffusion? How is technology being developed and disseminated in different sectors and countries today? These are questions that the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) aims to explore and explain through its research project on the links between IP and innovation.

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    The State of Startup/Corporate Collaboration

    While most startup/corporate interactions used to begin at the negotiation table, corporations and startups increasingly recognize the benefits of earlier interactions. Corporations said that 67% now prefer working with startups at earlier stages, mainly “to explore new technologies and business models”. Read this report with survey results from 112 corporations and 233 startups.

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  • Download the E-Book - Global Expansion 2.0 by Velocity Global

    Global Expansion 2.0 by Velocity Global E-Book

    In this E-Book learn about how agile and lean are changing the way companies are expanding overseas; how your company can leverage the sharing economy to decrease risk and speed your time to market and learn why global expansion is important.

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  • Download the Thailand Board of Investment Resource

    The Hundert Magazine: "Female Startup Founders Europe"

    Download the latest issue of The Hundert "Female Startup Founders Europe", in which 100 outstanding women share their stories about founding successful startups.

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  • Download the Thailand Board of Investment Resource

    How to expand your business into Thailand

    If you are thinking of setting up an operation in Thailand, this resource explains how you can apply for tax incentives and project approval with the Thailand Board of Investment.

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