IN3 Startup Programme

IN3: Innovation | Investment | International

This unique platform makes the connection between open innovation and globalisation, bringing corporates and government together with the global startup community.

IN3 Innovation | Investment | International sponsored by Dreamtek

This is a unique platform for making the connection between open innovation and globalization, bringing corporates and government together with the global startup community.

The IN3 (Innovation-Investment-International) platform at the Brexit & Global Expansion Summit is held on the Showcase Stage in the Exhibition and is open to all pass holders. It includes a series of events, workshops and networking opportunities to facilitate:

  • Creation of innovation hot spots in new markets around the world
  • Mutually beneficial connections between start-ups, government & corporates
  • Corporate innovation and digital transformation
  • Government innovation and digital empowerment
  • Cultivating a new wave of fast growing startups as potential foreign investors
  • Promoting collaboration between innovation hubs across the globe

Startup Pass holders can access IN3

Eligible Startup founders and employees can apply for a free Startup Pass giving access to the IN3 Programme.

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Start Me Up Abroad
Monday 17th October 2016
14:15 – 15:30
Start Me Up Abroad is aimed at early stage startups looking to kickstart their business abroad. This is a dedicated platform for pre-funding startups to pitch to a panel of investors and accelerators from some of the most sought after startup city hubs and then take 5 minutes’ worth of questions from the panel. This activity is part of our showcase stage programme.

Judging Panel:
Marcus Bäcklund, Head of Investment, Chalmers Ventures
Diane Perlman, CMO, Mass Challenge UK
Tom Yoritaka, Global Managing Director, Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR), Cisco
Takahisa Ohira, Fintech Leader, Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support

Start Up Speakers:
Shirabe Ogino, Ph.D, CEO, ZAISAN Net, Inc
Ryota Hayashi, CEO, Finatext Ltd
Ben Brown, CEO, Shopwave
Sanskriti Dawle, CEO, Project Mudra
Abul Rob, Founder & CEO,
Roslyn Scott, Founder, MobiCycle Ltd

Corporate Startups: The Innovation IntersectionOxygen Accelerator
Monday 17th October 2016
15:30 – 16:00
Ten years ago with the birth of YCombinator the VC industry was disrupted a new investment model for funding early stage startups, which was called the accelerator. Today this accelerator model is once again disrupting another industry – but with a new twist. Corporates worldwide are adopting the model as a way to stay innovative and quick in an ever-changing landscape.

In the form of a panel discussion we will explore why and how this is happening, is it about a new product pipeline or a wider piece of changing corporate culture. With the use of real world case studies from our panel we will touch upon the topic and give an insight into this new industry.

Anthony Catt, Managing Director, Oxygen Startups
Sam Knight, co-Founder, Pollen8

The Bakery Live!The Bakery Live
Monday 17th October 2016
16:00 – 17:15
A new way to get innovation done, not just talked about. A low cost and low risk model that gets tech to trial market. Fast. A large corporate brand will present a brief/challenge facing their business. The Bakery will select six start-ups from a large number of applications for the brief. These six startups then have three minutes to pitch their idea to the corporate client. The two finalists will be brought back for a final round and deeper Q and A. The corporate client speaker will choose the winner for a trial with the help of the audience.

Globalise Me
This is comprised of two parts – a brief showcase of successful startups who have expanded internationally and a workshop-style activity, where startups will learn how they can expand their business abroad. They will receive valuable advice from successful start-ups and get tips for their own business.

Who are high-impact global entrepreneurs? Where can we find them? And what makes them successful — or not? Ecosystem stakeholders — from investors to universities to governments to corporates — have an important role to play in ensuring the vibrancy and growth of communities that can support and nurture high-impact entrepreneurs. In this interactive discussion we'll tackle the burning question: what makes entrepreneurial ecosystems successful, and how can we create more of them? This workshop will have breakouts and will accommodate 20 - 40 participants.

Friends with Benefits: How to win at startup and corporate collaboration

The results are in: corporations and startups are working together like never before. MassChallenge and Imaginatik surveyed hundreds of startups and corporations in a first-of-its-kind research study on startup/corporate collaboration. Join the debate with James Millar, Director of Partnerships at MassChallenge and a panel of thought-leaders from the corporate innovation space.

IN3 is free to attend for eligible startups. If you'd like to apply, register for your Free Startup Pass here and we will be in touch.

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