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Global Expansion Summit brings together thought leaders from government, large multinationals, emerging start-ups, SMBs, financial institutions, VCs, sovereign wealth funds, academic institutions, advisory firms and many more.

The conference programme features a wide range of hot topics and pertinent discussion themes related to the trends and technologies driving global expansion. We favour interactive discussion, however also welcome some select, high energy case study presentations where appropriate.

Track Speaking Spots

Speaking spots in the in-depth track sessions provide a unique opportunity to share thought and industry leadership on more specific topics in the agenda e.g. the impact of fintech on facilitating cross border business and global expansion. Audiences in track sessions are smaller but more targeted, welcoming between 200-250 attendees. Formats in tracks sessions can include a mix of 45 minute panel discussions, 15 minute fireside chats, 15 minute presentation or 5 minute pitch.
Start Me Up Abroad is a highlight of the IN3 programme, which offers start-ups 10 minutes of stage time (5 minute pitch, 5 minute Q&A) to showcase their business and their global expansion plan to a panel of investors and experts.

Plenary Keynotes

Plenary keynote speaking opportunities offer the highest profile platform for communicating your message to the whole event audience. This stage is reserved for leading government figures, C-level corporate leaders and globally recognised industry experts. These speaking spots are generally by invitation only. If your company’s chief executive would like to be considered for a speaking spot on the plenary keynote, please note this in your online speaking submission form.


These are a series of sponsored seminars hosted by a range of partners providing more in-depth information on doing business in specific countries or markets. Each seminar is approximately 90 minutes long and can host up to 100 delegates. For additional details on this opportunity, please contact Ahila Puvitharan on

Exhibition Expert Clinics
When expanding abroad, companies, often need guidance and advice on how to plan, capture opportunities and mitigate risks. Taking place in a meeting space on the exhibition show floor, the Expert Clinics provide an opportunity for companies to get a taster on global expansion advice in a one-to-one environment and establish connections for future planning. For additional details on this opportunity, please contact Ahila Puvitharan on

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