Agenda Overview for 2017

Discover the key areas of focus for the 2017 Global Expansion Summit

Global Expansion Summit - 2017 Agenda

  • Track 1: Innovate Abroad

    Creating global ecosystems of innovation and helping startups grow

    Innovate Abroad is a unique platform for bringing corporates and government together with the global startup and scale-up community to facilitate innovation driven expansion. How are innovation hubs built? What innovation projects are governments looking for? How do innovation partnerships develop? What is the future of cross sector innovation? Where can my business contribute?

    Innovate Abroad will help enable:
    - The growth and scale of emerging startups and scale-ups as they plan their international expansion
    - Creation of innovation hubs in new markets and collaboration between hot spots around the world
    - Mutually beneficial connections between start-ups, government & corporates
    - Innovation driven corporate expansion and digital transformation
    - Government innovation and digital empowerment

    Day 1 Focus: Innovation Driven Expansion and Start Me Up Abroad
    Day 2 Focus: Scale Up Abroad Showcase

  • Track 2: Global Sourcing and Mobility

    Optimise your global talent pool and efficiently manage global operations

    For large multinationals, international expansion presents exciting opportunities, but is fraught with uncertainties, risks and complex challenges. Global mobility, shared services and outsourcing play an important role in helping companies to gain a competitive advantage. Increasingly, organisations are moving toward a more integrated approach to shared services and outsourcing known as “Global Business Services” (GBS). As more companies tap into talent opportunities offered through global expansion, GBS and global mobility leaders must carefully manage the significant challenges, risks and costs.

    How can an effective GBS model support global expansion for companies? What are the key considerations and challenges for global mobility executives when moving into new markets? What will be the role of outsourcing and BPO organisations going forward? Where are the high growth markets and what are the most effective strategies for global talent management? What are some key considerations for companies to ensure they maximise their options as they expand offshore?

    Day 1 Focus: GBS Evolution and Outsourcing for the Future
    Day 2 Focus: Global Mobility and Talent Management

  • Track 3: Securing Expansion

    Understanding security challenges and mitigating risk when expanding into new markets

    International growth presents companies with exciting opportunities as they target new customers, tap into new talent and expand global brand awareness. Moreover, digital technologies have played a crucial role in enabling organisations to more easily do business across borders. However, with global expansion and digital transformation, comes significant risk and a raft of security challenges. Organisations need an effective due diligence process with accurate, up to date market information and a firm grasp of the physical and digital security challenges to make informed decisions.

    What are the fundamental risks and security considerations for companies planning to expand abroad? What are the emerging cyber threats for companies doing business across borders and how can they be effectively managed? As new risks and rewards emerge, how will the industry adapt, change and grow? How should SMEs and Start Ups build their business in line with security best practice?

    Day 1 Focus: Due Diligence and Mitigating Risk in Global Expansion
    Day 2 Focus: Managing Emerging Cross Border Cyber Security Challenges

  • Track 4: Fintech Meets Logistics

    How can innovation from FinTech, Supply Chain and Logistics enable growth into new markets?

    Doing business across borders or expanding into new markets can introduce complexity, costs and significant competitive advantage for many companies, and supply chain management is a key area. This track will discuss the emerging innovations impacting the logistics and supply chain sector, highlight how fintech enables global growth and examine the evolving relationship between fintech and logistics. What does global expansion and digital innovation mean for supply chain & logistics leaders? Global companies are increasingly managing multiple supply chains and carefully balancing the need for localisation with globalisation. This global industry is seeing an abundance of new entrants and an increasingly diverse and flourishing global logistics ecosystem.

    Fintech represents exciting change and growth opportunities and has a key role to play in enabling companies to grow, do business across borders and expand into new markets. Significant opportunities exist for logistics if they are able to tap into developments in Fintech and collaborate with new players in this sector.

    Day 1 Focus: Innovation in Supply Chain & Logistics & Expansion into New Markets
    Day 2 Focus: Fintech in Logistics – the Opportunities for Growth

  • Track 5: Where Next?

    A deep dive on opportunities and realities of doing business in specific markets

    Making the decision on the right locations for your business global expansion is fraught with complexity. WHERE NEXT? provides a platform for delegates to get the information they need on the opportunities and challenges of doing business in specific markets. Experts will share insights on local cultures, business environments, tax and regulatory landscapes, incentives for foreign investors and support services to ensure a smooth transition into new markets. Essential knowledge for any business seeking to expand abroad.

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